(...) Talented Portuguese songstress Diana Silveira on a song that is half rock, half R&B and 100% funky." ”



The Heavy Blues-Rock Soulful Singer

Diana Silveira is a Portuguese singer, born in Lagos (Algarve).

Characterised by an extraordinary powerful voice, sensuality and at time husky and sweet tone full of soul, Diana has a charismatic and unmistakable voice and made the Rock Soul/Blues genre her home.

Diana began her singing career at the early age of 15 years old, between bass guitar lessons. 

Her valuable participation with bands such as “DUCK” and “FADOMORSE” led her to the first studio recordings and TV shows appearances giving her the opportunity to tour around the country.

In 2004, Diana combined her vocal and theatrical skills becoming part of the cast of the musical theatre “Cabeças No Ar”. A successful musical play held at the S. Luiz Lisbon Theatre, right after completing her studies in drama school. The play was written by the noted playwright and lyricist Carlos Té (Rui Veloso), directed by Adriano Luz with music director Manuel Paulo (Ala do Namorados).

Between September 2005 and August 2006 Diana performed more than 300 shows with her band. Towards the end of that same year, she moved to Paris and took a course under the name “Les Métiers du Spectacle," in Audiovisuals, while joined a Pink Floyd Tribute band as a backing vocalist.  

Moving back to Portugal in 2009, Diana signed up for the TV talent show “Idols”. Easily distinguished by her vocal skills, power and charisma, she won second place.
Enigmatic and chameleonic, Diana was now recognised by the general public as one of the best female voices in Portugal, becoming almost instantly an iconic, yet mysterious, public figure.    

During this competition she gave new life to Janis Joplin’s incredible “Piece of my Heart.” Her rendition led her to be the first artist, beyond Janis Joplin herself, to have a video version of a song at janisjoplin.net. After performing a brave and epic version of “Whole Lotta Love” from Led Zeppelin, Diana was also featured at the official website of Led Zeppelin’s fans – led-zeppelin.org 

She delivered other unforgettable performances, such as “E depois do adeus” from Portuguese singer Paulo de Carvalho or Jeff Buckley’s “Lover, you should’ve come over” that opened many doors, this time international. 

By the end of the year 2010, Diana had been invited by several recognised national artists to be feature in many projects. 

She collaborated on a parody with comedian and actor Rui Unas, starred in the viral success “Margem Sul State of Mind" with over 2M views on Youtube up to this day. 

Diana was also invited to perform at the famous Music festival "Rock in Rio" Lisbon (2010) along side the band Hail!, an heavy metal supergroup with members of Sepultura, ex-Judas Priest, Slayer and ex-Megadeth. All thanks to her known passion and support for the heavy metal music genre.

After two successful tours during that summer, “Rock on Diana” and the Idols tour “Idolomania”, Diana had the desire of expanding horizons. 

From 2011, Diana performed bigger venues in and out of Portugal. Alongside the American guitarist Gary Lucas (Jeff Buckley, Captain Beefheart, Nick Cave), she debuted in New York City on a Tribute to Jeff Buckley’s Legacy (2011) . A year later, they got back together, in two other concerts in Lisbon and Porto. This collaboration made her stand out in the book “Touched by Grace” by Gary Lucas, edited by Jawbone (San Francisco, California) in October 2013. Diana and Gary would perform together again in a concert at the Southbank Center’s Purcell Room, in London, in December 2013.

Ever since, she has worked as a freelance singer involved in original musical projects such as “SOUQ”, “A TREE OF SIGNS” and “3:33” but also as a voice-over, voice-actor for soundtracks in short-movies and different national add campaigns. 

In 2016, with the lifetime co-writer Ivo Perpétuo she forms a Tribute to Blues, the band “B.B. KWEEN”. 

In 2018 joins the rock band “KRAKEN” releasing in beginning of 2020 “Unnamed Sea”, a co-written EP with 7 songs.

In June 2019, Diana moves to London, UK.  

Later in 2020, she releases her debut video of “Money ain’t no truth”. A song co-written in collaboration with the austrian producer Stefan Redtenbacher, premiered in March through Soultrack (U.S.A.), a platform that supports the great names of Soul and Rhythm & Blues.

After an exclusive interview at the request of Roger Mccomick and David “Kid” Jensen for the radio show “The Blues Spectrum”, her song has now been featured on several radio stations, across the United Kingdom, such as BBC Radio. The country where she currently resides.

Diana arrived in London on the 19th of June 2019 with a backpack and no plans. A few months later, she set tongues wagging after a small appearance in The Great British Rhythm and Blues Fest in Colne, where she was working now as a roadie! It is in less than a year that Diana Silveira makes herself heard amongst the thousand of people who head to the city of London in search of opportunities in the country of the great World Music names, such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd or Deep Purple.

Debuts at a presentation concert in the beginning of 2020 as a support artist for Kirk Flecther, a Blues/American Gospel guitarist considered by many to be one of the best guitarists in the world in the genre, having played with names like Joe Bonamassa or The Mannish Boys. After the success of the debut evening, she is invited by the guitarist to participate in a duet in a concert in the mythical 100Club venue, in Oxford Street, London, within the scope of the January Blues Festival.

Still in January, she performs live in Madrid, in collaboration with “GYPSY CARAVAN”, an Anglo-Hispanic band based in Brighton (see here). Together with the singer Aurora Garcia and Luis Pinel from the Spanish rock group “Aurora & The Betrayers”, also performs a unique concert at the Fun House venue.

Currently managed by BiGIAM (UK), Diana Silveira is writing what will be her first solo album (with no scheduled date) in collaboration with two producers. Also keeps other artistic collaborations, the most recent being a cover of the song “You can’t always get what you want” by The Rolling Stones at the invitation of The Masterlink Sessions with the purpose of raising funds for “Save The Children” following the current pandemic.

There are already confirmed dates for 2022 in the UK and Europe and Diana will be one of the headliners of The Great British Rhythm and Blues Fest, winner of the “Blues Based Festival of the Year” award by the UKBlues Federation. She will also perform at The Ealing Blues Festival, described as “The Cradle of British Rock Music” by MOJO Magazine.



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by Ben Rothstein

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